Full Makeover Services

It is amazing what a coat of paint will do to improve the look and feel of your RV. Our designer will work with you to make sure our results match you vision.  From full unit remodels to a simple coat of paint call us today and we will get it done.

Tank less Water Heaters

Few upgrades save more arguments that this one.  Our unlimited hot water heating systems are designed to be green and provide many years’ of service. This one you do because you want to not because you need to!

Digital Security Solutions

Bayside partners with the leading providers of self monitored security solution provider to bring you’re piece of mind previously not available to travelers.  Our systems are custom designed to meet your particular needs.  Don’t worry customer does not mean expensive but it does mean you won’t pay for things you don’t need.  In addition to all of the features you associate with your home system we also bring you the ability to get notification if the power shuts off or if there is a problem with your AC.  Pet lovers know the fear of leaving their animals in an RV who air has failed.  We can also deploy a camera to see who is really getting in the trash….

Electrical Systems Check Up

Service house batteries, Load test deep cycle batteries, check proper operation of power converter, check fuses – circuit breakers and GFI outlets.